Face Lifting

As we age, it’s common to wish for a more youthful appearance. A younger appearance can be achieved without surgery using Botox and injectables, such as Restylane, or through surgery such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), browlift, facelift or laser resurfacing. Laser works best for fine lines, sun damage, skin irregularity and mild laxity of the cheeks. Laser resurfacing involves peeling away the aged superficial layers of skin, revealing a smooth inner layer. Many patients choose to laser resurface just the eye area or lip area for “lipstick lines” during their facelift.

While the laser works nicely on many fines lines, only a facelift will correct a sagging neck, jowls and severely loose facial skin. Many times the two procedures are combined. The modern facelift will tighten loose skin as well as re-support the internal fat and muscles which sag with time. It can also tighten loose neck skin, sculpt away neck fat and improve the bands which are seen in an aging neck. A facelift addresses the lower two-thirds of the face while eyelid surgery and browlift address the eyes and forehead. Eyelid surgery and browlifts are commonly performed with a facelift.

There are several incisions which can be used for a facelift and the choice depends on the preexisting skin lines, wrinkles and hair pattern as well as beard pattern in men. Sometimes the incision curves along the hairline and sometimes part of the incision is hidden in the scalp. The incision may curve in front of the ear or go inside it (retrotragal). Consultation for facelifting is very detailed to choose the best options for each individual.