Rhinoplasty (Nose)

Rhinoplasty can offer a dramatic enhancement in facial appearance. The most common rhinoplasty involves the reduction of a hump and/or reshaping of the tip. In most cases both bone and cartilage are sculpted. Today, in addition to incisions hidden inside the nose, most rhinoplasties include a tiny incision across the columella, the skin under the nose between the nostril openings. The incision is rarely visible. This allows the skin to be elevated for complete exposure and visualization of the underlying structures which are to be modified. This in turn allows greater accuracy in sculpting and the use of sophisticated shaping techniques which are otherwise almost impossible.

Sometimes the nose is too small and needs to be built up using your own cartilage or in some cases a nasal implant. It is very helpful to visualize our extensive collection of before and after pictures showing many different examples of rhinoplasty procedures. Everyone is different. As with so much of plastic surgery, your starting anatomy defines your range of opportunity.