Breast Implants

There are several variations in breast enlargement, allowing a variety of alternatives to customize each procedure. There are several distinctively different implants currently available and two very different positions for implant placement. The sculpting of the implant space is critical to shaping the breast. We do not perform the “belly button” approach because of a very high likelihood of irregular breast shape, or even deformity. Issues such as available recovery time, skin quality and desired shape will determine which type of breast augmentation is best for you. Our main objective is to create the most beautiful breast possible based on your unique starting anatomy.

Breast augmentation surgery involves the placement of the implant either under the pectoralis muscle or on top of it. There are several implants to choose from and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common implant in use is a smooth surfaced round implant which most find to have a softer more natural feel and a lower tendency to show ripples through the skin in thin individuals. Textured surface implants may slightly discourage capsular contracture (scar tissue firming up around the implant over time) ,but tend to be easier to feel and more likely to show surface ripples. Anatomically contoured implants were designed in an attempt to create a more sloped or natural upper pole but most plastic surgeons do not believe they are very successful in this regard. They occasionally shift position and create unsatisfactory shapes. We also use medium and high profile round implants in individuals with certain starting anatomy to get a fuller result when the breast is limited in it’s diameter. High profile implants may allow larger breast augmentations in a petite individual. Silicone gel is increasingly popular and makes up 70% of my augmentation practice at this time and is no longer limited by the FDA.