Lipectomy (Tummy Tuck)

Better known as Abdominal Lipectomy. It consists on the removal of fat and excess skin below the belly button. It can help improve a loose abdomen, specially after loosing a lot of weight, post-surgery scars, flaccidity and stretch marks. It's also used to re-build the muscle wall in the abdomen.

Women who have plans for more kids should refrain from getting this surgery done, because birth will dilate the skin and muscles again.

Pre-surgery visits to the doctor are very important, since we'll evaluate the amount of extra skin and fat to remove, as well as the elasticity of the skin, therefore the length and shape of the nicks.

This procedure lasts around 2-3 hours, using local anaesthesia, and requires a stay of one day at a hospital. Afterwards, a drain is required for about 3-5 days. Finally, a compressive strap should be used for about a month.

Lipectomy can be combined with Liposuction for even better results